Pickleball Grip tape Reviews: Top Picks for 2024


As tennis evolves, so does the equipment used by players around the world. One essential piece of gear is the overgrip, which can significantly enhance a player’s performance by providing superior grip, comfort, and moisture management. In 2024, several overgrips have emerged as top contenders for players seeking the best in comfort and performance. This article reviews the top Pickleball grip tape for 2024, highlighting their features, benefits, and why they stand out in the market.

1. Wilson Pro Overgrip

Wilson Pro Overgrip remains a favorite among tennis players for its exceptional balance of comfort and performance. Known for its thin, stretchy material, it provides a natural feel while enhancing grip.

  • Pros: Thin and comfortable, excellent tackiness, great absorbency.
  • Cons: May require frequent replacement due to wear.

Why It Stands Out: Its consistent performance and widespread popularity among professional and amateur players alike make it a top pick for 2024.

2. Yonex Super Grap

Yonex Super Grap continues to impress with its durability and excellent moisture absorption. It offers a great combination of tackiness and comfort, suitable for all weather conditions.

  • Pros: Good balance of tackiness and absorbency, durable, comfortable.
  • Cons: Slightly thicker than some other options.

Why It Stands Out: Its ability to perform well in various conditions and its long-lasting durability make it a reliable choice.

3. Babolat VS Original Overgrip

Babolat VS Original Overgrip is known for its ultra-thin design, which provides an exceptional feel and control. It is highly absorbent, making it perfect for players with sweaty hands.

  • Pros: Ultra-thin, excellent feel, high absorbency.
  • Cons: Less cushioning due to its thinness.

Why It Stands Out: The precision and control it offers are unmatched, making it a top choice for advanced players.

4. Gamma Supreme Overgrip

Gamma Supreme Overgrip is celebrated for its durability and comfort. It provides a tacky surface that ensures a secure grip, even during intense matches.

  • Pros: Very durable, comfortable, excellent tackiness.
  • Cons: Slightly thicker, which may affect racquet feel.

Why It Stands Out: Its longevity and reliable performance under pressure make it ideal for competitive play.

5. Tourna Grip Original

Tourna Grip Original is the go-to choice for players in hot and humid conditions. Its unique material becomes tackier as it absorbs sweat, providing a non-slip grip.

  • Pros: High absorbency, excellent for sweaty conditions, non-slip surface.
  • Cons: Wears out faster, needs frequent replacement.

Why It Stands Out: Its performance in extreme conditions is unrivaled, making it essential for summer matches.

6. Prince DuraPro+ Overgrip

Prince DuraPro+ Overgrip offers a tacky and durable surface, with extra cushioning for added comfort. It’s ideal for players seeking a balance between grip and cushioning.

  • Pros: Durable, tacky surface, extra cushioning.
  • Cons: Slightly thicker, which may not suit all players.

Why It Stands Out: The combination of durability and comfort makes it a versatile option for players at all levels.

7. Head XtremeSoft Overgrip

Head XtremeSoft Overgrip provides an ultra-tacky and thin surface, ensuring a firm grip without adding bulk. Itโ€™s a great choice for those who prioritize feel and control.

  • Pros: Ultra-tacky, thin, comfortable.
  • Cons: May need frequent replacement in sweaty conditions.

Why It Stands Out: Its thinness and tackiness offer unparalleled control, ideal for precision players.

8. Wilson Advantage Overgrip

Wilson Advantage Overgrip is designed for both comfort and durability, offering a soft, tacky feel that helps maintain control during play.

  • Pros: Comfortable, durable, good tackiness.
  • Cons: Slightly thicker, which may not suit all players.

Why It Stands Out: The balance of comfort and durability makes it a reliable choice for players seeking long-term performance.

9. Solinco Wonder Overgrip

Solinco Wonder Overgrip is known for its unique blend of tackiness and comfort. It is designed to provide a secure grip and withstand heavy use, making it ideal for competitive players.

  • Pros: Good tackiness, comfortable, durable.
  • Cons: May feel too sticky for some players.

Why It Stands Out: Its superior tackiness and durability make it a top pick for serious players.

10. Tecnifibre Pro Contact Overgrip

Tecnifibre Pro Contact Overgrip provides a super tacky surface, ensuring a secure grip even in the most intense conditions. Its durability and comfort make it a top choice for competitive play.

  • Pros: Super tacky, durable, comfortable.
  • Cons: May need frequent replacement in very sweaty conditions.

Why It Stands Out: The excellent tackiness and consistent performance in all conditions make it a standout choice.


Choosing the right overgrip can significantly enhance your performance on the tennis court. The top picks for 2024 offer a range of features tailored to different playing styles and conditions. Whether you prioritize tackiness, absorbency, comfort, or durability, there’s an overgrip on this list that will meet your needs. Regularly updating and maintaining your overgrip is essential for consistent performance, ensuring you stay at the top of your game.

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